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            Banner advertising new Research England website


            Research England is a new council within UK Research and Innovation. We oversee UK Research and Innovation’s England-only functions in relation to university research and knowledge exchange. This includes providing grant funding to English universities for research and knowledge exchange activities; developing and implementing the Research Excellence Framework in partnership with the UK Higher Education funding bodies; overseeing the sustainability of the Higher Education research base in England; managing the £900 million UK Research Partnership Investment Fund; and administering the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).


            UKRI councils are moving to ukri.org

            18 August 2021

            UKRI councils are moving to ukri.org

            Starting this summer, and throughout 2021 into early 2022, the nine council websites are moving to the new integrated UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) site. The new site will integrate all the UKRI corporate websites to deliver an efficient, informative, inspiring user experience, providing a strong unified voice for UKRI and its nine councils.

            Funding agreed for a platform that will change research culture

            06 August 2021

            Funding agreed for a platform that will change research culture

            Research England grants £650,000 to help build Octopus into a new global service for scholarly communication. Funding has been agreed to help develop a ground-breaking global service which could positively disrupt research culture for the better.


            Following a recent request for HEIs to supply a principal point of contact (and alternative in case of absence) through whom requests for information and updates relating to research and knowledge exchange matters relevant to the COVID-19 outbreak can be addressed, Research England has begun making contact with HEIs informing them of updates and changes to funding programmes as a result of COVID-19, either directly or through established channels. If you have any queries not covered in these communications, please contact the relevant address below:

            For all other funding queries please contact researchengland@re.ukri.org


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